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Wednesday 25th January 2012


Life as a Prison Chaplain


Rev Katy Canty



Wednesday 29th February 2012


The Story of Kitty Wilkinson


Michael Kelly



Wednesday 28th March 2012


The History of the Southport Dramatic Club


Ray Mann



Wednesday 25th April 2012


The Wildlife Trust (Brockholes)


Rick Hall



Wednesday 30th May 2012


The Wonderful World of Whimsy


David Charters



Wednesday 27th June 2012


The Life of Frankie Vaughan


Jim Finn



Saturday/Sunday 14th/15th July 2012


Open Gardens Weekend




Wednesday 25th July 2012


Trees, Myths & Magic


Richie Baker



Wednesday 29th August 2012


Life as a Nanny in Saudi Arabia


Heather Slater



Wednesday 26th September 2012


The Swinging 60s


John Cotterall



Wednesday 31st October 2012


Chocolate by Josie


Josie Morris



Sunday 11th November 2012


Remembrance Sunday on The Green




Wednesday 28th November 2012


Annual General Meeting




Friday 7th December 2012


Carols at The Sands







Programme 2012


Our Annual Programme of meetings runs from January to December. Each year, our tireless Committee Members burn the midnight oil in industrial quantities, working on the Programme for the coming year. The results of their labours can be seen here.


Although the 2012 programme is now history, it can be interesting and useful to see the record of what has been - or simply to be able to answer the question: when did so-and-so say that?