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Can You Help? Yes, You Can!


There are thousands of people in our local area, and almost as many ways in which any or all of you can do your bit to help improve life for some or all of those thousands.


On this page we will list some of those opportunities as they are notified to us. If you can help, at all, please do - apart from the good it does, there is a great deal of personal satisfaction to be gained! If you have a project which might benefit from being listed here, please contact our Secretary. Click on the quill below, to send a message!

Donation Dates!


Forthcoming sessions for Blood Donors are:


1.45pm to 3.45pm and 5.00pm to 7.00pm


Tuesday 23rd August 2016


Tuesday 14th February 2017

Blood Donation


Whatever else happens, there is ALWAYS a need for blood, to save the lives of those needing operations, or injured in accidents. Giving blood is easy and painless, and most people will qualify as donors.


In Ainsdale, you can give blood on the dates listed at left. Sessions are held at


St John Stone’s Parish Centre

7 Sandbrook Way

Ainsdale PR8 3RN


First-time donors should be within the age range of 17-65, but once you have been checked and accepted, there is then no upper age limit. For more information, click HERE to go to


So, please don’t just assume that someone else will do this important job, go to the donation sessions listed, and donate. The next person needing blood might be you!

Ainsdale Railway Station


Those of you who frequent the rail journey from Southport to Liverpool will have seen the new planting of the flower troughs at Ainsdale Station and the additional hayracks on the fences.

These have been done by the Society with a grants from Merseyrail and Pontins.

Unfortunately some of the plants have already been removed by persons unknown and some others have been broken by people sitting on the troughs.

If you are at Ainsdale Station and you seen these troughs and baskets being vandalised, we would appreciate it if you would notify the station staff.

The troughs have been impregnated with special oil and sometimes it is enough to tell the unsocial persons sitting on them about this – they usually quickly get off!

We hope that you get a lot of pleasure seeing the flowers – they are there for your enjoyment.

Ainsdale Community Garden


As you will see when you are in the village, the Community Garden is now looking really lovely.  We at Ainsdale Village Church are truly grateful for the help and support we have received from the community during the time it has taken to turn the dream of a community garden into a reality.  Now, of course, it has to be maintained and to this end we propose to hold Community Gardening Mornings on Tuesdays and Saturdays each week from 10.30 am.  Tea, coffee and refreshments will be available to hungry gardeners and you can either bring your own garden tools or we can supply them. We are hoping that these mornings will prove sociable and fun – a chance for Ainsdale residents to get together and do something useful as well.  It really is your community garden, to be enjoyed by all, so please help in any way you can.  An hour every so often will make a big difference.  If you need more information, please contact the Society via our feedback form by clicking on the quill.

If you would like to send us a message, please click on the quill, and we will take you to our feedback form.




Abbeyfield are currently looking for additional volunteers to help improve the lives of our older fellow-citizens who live in their properties. Whatever role you take up - trustee, befriender, events co-ordinator, driver, administrator, marketing assistant - directly impacts on the lives of older people. At the same time, it offers volunteers opportunities to have fun, to gain new skills, knowledge and experience, meet new people and make new friends, while doing something great for your community.


If you are interested, please contact John or Dianne at the Abbeyfield office on 01704 541560 (you may get to meet their answering machine if the folks are out!)  of via email, facebook or twitter. Details of these addresses can be found on their leaflet. Just hover your cursor over the image at the left to see a larger version.