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Flowers, Flags & Christmas Trees


What do these three have in common?

We provide them all for Ainsdale Village!

Yes, for several years now we have been adorning the railway station platform with flowers, but last year we went one better and in a joint venture with our local traders, we decorated the Village with Christmas Trees last December. We provided the brackets to hold the trees and supplied the trees and lights and the traders provided the money and the electricity.

And what a difference it made, our Village looked fantastic!

Then we thought, hang on, why not get some further use out of the brackets? So we went back to our traders and asked them how they felt about flying the flag a few times a year — and they said yes! So, totally funded by the traders,  we have acquired plenty of Union, St George, St Patrick and Welsh Flags (sadly, St Andrew’s Day is too close to Christmas time when the Christmas Trees will be up) and we will put these up at the appropriate times throughout the year.

We have also obtained a promise of funding from our local Councillors to provide even more Christmas decorations for Station Road, so this year it will look even better.