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Over the years, the Society and its members have made quite a difference in Ainsdale. Sometimes it is just small things, other times, large, heavy, and quite impressive things which would take a small crane to move!

But, whichever, here are just a few items from the no particular order.

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We have raised and donated £6,000 towards the cost of the wooden boardwalks around the lake near The Sands hotel, allowing residents and visitors the opportunity of walking right round the lake to observe the wildlife.

We obtained the original millwheel from Ainsdale Mill for the village. This is now installed in front of the Library. The millwheel formed the first emblem of the Ainsdale Civic Society.

For the Society’s first birthday, we planted a traditional oak tree on the Village Green


A few years ago an article in ‘Lancashire Life’ used original artwork to illustrate the piece. The Civic Society bought two watercolour paintings, which can now be found in the Ainsdale Library, and the Ainsdale Discovery Centre on the old Lido site.

There is nothing more dispiriting that putting on an event and finding no-one knew of it. We have provided a glass cased noticeboard in the centre of the village for anyone wishing to publicise their local event.

The Society has published an account of ‘The War Memorial’ giving an insight into those brave men and women whose names are commemorated on the village Memorial. ‘The War Memorial’ has been updated and is currently (2014) available for £3.

An undecorated railway station isn’t very welcoming. There are six planters on Ainsdale station which have been provided by, and are maintained by, Ainsdale Civic Society.

In 2010 we asked Merseyrail to provide us with bookcases for the waiting rooms at Ainsdale Station and we have stocked these with books donated from many sources including the Lions Shop. These books are available to passengers to take away and read.  They may return them, keep them or pass them on and all we ask is that if they have any good quality paperbacks they can donate, they leave them on the shelves. The scheme is proving very popular.