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Ainsdale Civic Society


Since our foundation in 2000, we have worked hard, done much, and have plans for so much more!


Members of the Society have given considerable time and effort over the last few years, and because of this we are proud to be able to say that we have achieved a lot within our Community.


We currently have nearly two hundred members, and we offer a warm welcome to anyone who has the interests of Ainsdale at heart.

Worthy of Note

Every Society has people, places and events in its history which deserve some kind of memorial. In the virtual world of the internet and the website, this takes the form of a special page: Worthy of Note. The title says it all.


History of the Society

Now into our second decade of actively trying to improve the environment of our Village, Ainsdale Civic Society is building up its own history and traditions. It just goes to show that history is more than just an account of the past.


Join the Society

No Society can exist without members and ours is no exception. If you think you might like to join, why not visit our Join the Society page?


ACS on Twitter

To get our message across we use the right tools for the job. For some, the noticeboard in Station Road is the best and easiest way of keeping in touch. For others, it is Twitter. There’s no right and wrong here.


Job Done!

It is always interesting and challenging, going boldly where we haven’t been before, but there is also pleasure and interest in remembering where we have been before. The Job Done page includes just a few brief reminders of our works.