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Ainsdale in Books


A number of books have been published over the years, recording the social and environmental history of Ainsdale. Some of these are still in print, and available from booksellers, or from shops in the village.


Why not start your Ainsdale library with the following?

The Changing Face of Ainsdale


By Iris Whitaker

ISBN:                                  (2005)


The daughter of the local blacksmith, Iris recounts her childhood memories of Ainsdale

Ainsdale Memories


By Iris Whitaker

ISBN: 978-0-9526992-1-7  (2009)


After writing ‘The Changing Face of Ainsdale’ Iris was contacted by so many people with their own memories that she decided to make of compilation of them into a second volume

Iris Whitaker, the historian for the Ainsdale Civic Society, wrote her original book to raise funds for her local favourite charities by donating all the profits. It was extremely successful and many charities have continued to benefit from the profits of her second book.

New Ainsdale

The Struggle of a Seaside Suburb 1850-2000


By Harry Foster

ISBN: 0-9510905- 5-0 (2000)


New Ainsdale tells the story of how Ainsdale developed from being a sparsely populated agricultural hamlet with a population of 176 in 1851 to becoming a thriving suburb with a population of 16,000.


Southport & Ainsdale

The Golfers’ Club 1906-2006


By Harry Foster

ISBN: 0-9552540-0-0  (2006)


Golf has played a major part in the life of the area, and this book presents a fascinating history of one of the area’s great courses

Harry Foster is a much respected local historian who has written many books on the history of Southport and the surrounding area. He was a very popular guest speaker at the meetings of many local organisations. His death in May 2014 leaves a large gap in the recording and preservation of local history.

Old Birkdale & Ainsdale

Life on the SW Lancashire Coast 1600-1857


By Sylvia Harrop

ISBN: 0-9510905- 0X (1985)


Now out of print, Sylvia Harrop’s work looks at the earliest times in Birkdale and Ainsdale, before development, railways and commuters!

Public Honour, Private Grief


By Gilbert Upton

ISBN 978-0-9518648-5-2 (2011)

Available from the author. Click HERE for info.


Gilbert Upton’s new work examines the additional information on Great War casualties provided by some 400 family memorials in the Southport area


Born in Birkenhead in 1940, Gilbert Upton and his young family moved to Southport in 1975. This is his first book with a Southport theme. Now enjoying retirement, his main interests are football, family and local history and his son, daughter and six grandchildren who all live in Southport.