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Ainsdale Then & Now


Ainsdale as a village does not have a long history.  For hundreds of years it was a barren, sandy area with a few scattered farms the tenants of which made their living from rabbit farming and fishing.  The sandhills and the beach were divided into warrens and stalls, which were rented from the landowner, with part of those rents being in the form of rabbits and fish.


The coming of the railway in 1848 made Ainsdale more prosperous. Wealthy businessmen from both Liverpool and Manchester came to live here as travel was now faster and more convenient. The development started which continues to this day.


Ainsdale Then & Now aims to look at both the past and the present. We have three offerings for you at present but more will be added.

Historic Ainsdale


Our forebears in the latter part of the nineteenth and the early parts of the twentieth centuries delighted in sending and collecting postcards. This has left us a wonderful legacy of images from times now gone. Historic Ainsdale offers a slide show of historic postcards. More will be added as they come to hand. Click HERE to see the show!

Historic Ainsdale

Ainsdale Town Trail


There are few better ways of getting to know a place than to walk round with a knowledgeable guide. The Ainsdale Civic Society and Sefton MBC have collaborated to produce a Town Trail. Our web page offers instructions for your walk, pictures of what you will see, and a downloadable map.  Click HERE to start the Trail!

Town Trail

Flying High - Ainsdale At The Leading Edge Of Aviation!


On 4th June 2010, a striking new piece of sculpture by Chris Bramall was unveiled on the Coastal Road Roundabout at the junction with Shore Road. The sculpture shows a Lockheed Electra aeroplane over the skyline of New York, and commemorates the time when Ainsdale was at the leading edge of aviation. Want to learn more? Click HERE

Flying High
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