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Ainsdale Civic Society was formed in 2000 by a group of people who care about the past, present and future of Ainsdale. Our Society motto is ‘Caring for Ainsdale’ and this is exactly what we do. From time to time we hold fundraising events, and every penny raised is used solely for the benefit of Ainsdale and its residents. But we do much more than raise funds...


Our website,, aims to tell you what we have done, show you what we do, and encourage you to help in what we are going to do! The NavBar at the top left will show you the main pages, or if you would like to see all the pages, set out in a convenient list, just click on Site Map, below.


So, read on, enjoy, and if you have any comments or suggestions, or you would like to volunteer, please send us a message. Our feedback form will arrive automatically if you click the scroll on the left!

Site Map


Our Site Map shows how all the pages of our website are connected. Every page name is a link directly to the page.

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Site Map

Village Map


The Village Map is absolutely great if you want to see Ainsdale spread out before you!

Click HERE to see the streets and the view from space!

Village Map

Remembrance Weekend


To see more details about a Remembrance Weekend exhibition of paintings and performances...

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Blood Donation

Give the Gift of Life


Giving blood is giving the gift of life to the recipient. If you would llike to donate click HERE to find out when and where!


Can You Help? Yes, You Can!


There are thousands of people in our local area, and almost as many ways in which any or all of you can do your bit to help improve life for some or all of those thousands.


On our ‘Can You Help’ page we will list some of those opportunities as they are notified to us. If you can help, at all, please do - apart from the good it does, there is a great deal of personal satisfaction to be gained!

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If you have a project which might benefit from being listed here, please contact our Secretary. Click on the quill to send us a message!

Can You Help?

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The website was updated on Friday 4th November 2016.


During 2015, our site welcomed 25,907 visitors. We define a visitor as someone who looks at more than one page within a period of 30mins.

If you would like to send us a message, please click on the quill, and we will take you to our feedback form.

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